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Chef Kiara Whack preparing meals in her kitchen

Healthy Life with Foods You Love

I encourage you to fix and forestall illness with nourishment for carrying on with your life in a solid manner 


Kiara Whack

Greetings! I’m Kiara, and I am a mother, exercise science and nutrition coach, private chef, counselor, author, cross-fitter, and entrepreneur. I assist people on their journeys to mental health, wellness, wholeness, leading them to ultimate success. My journey began post-undergrad. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I became depressed due to a severe domestic assault. I began to eat, drink, and smoke my emotions. I didn’t know how I was ever going to become whole again. Since my youth, I have always been in the kitchen; however, it wasn’t until my college days/post graduation that I discovered that I may actually have a gift. I began to post photos of meals I would create, not thinking much of it. People would ask me for recipes and I would be so surprised that people were interested in what I was doing. About a year later, I had gained about 60 pounds and my weight was fluctuating from 177-187 depending on the week. I wasn’t paying any attention to what I was putting in my body. I had hit rock bottom in every sense of the word. Then, one day I looked in the mirror and was so disgusted with what I saw, with the scale in the 180’s. I started going to the gym, but I had no clue what I was doing. But at this time, I also didn’t realize how much emotional weight I was actually carrying. I began to learn how to control my emotions through my daily food intake. 

Chef Kiara Whack serving food outdoor seating

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Certified Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Consultation

My mission is to help you with the chaotic cycle of dieting and support your healthy eating habits

Customized Recipes With The Food You Love

I will help you to eat your favorite foods and still achieve your perfect weight goals.

Private Chef

I will customize your menu with tasteful and delicious foods so you can spend more time with your family and guests. 

Chef Kiara Whack in the kitchen smiling looking up

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Harold Whack

Hampton, US-VA, USA

Highly Recommended!

"Everything tasted great!"

Chiquita White

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


"Everything, the quality, the presentation, the service and most of all, the taste!"

William Dawson

Carrolton, US-VA, USA


"Absolutely delicious"

Kieshawna Green

Chesapeake, Virginia, USA

Very Good

"The food looks and taste great! I even tried Brussel Sprouts for the first time in my life and they were good. I was surprised"

Chris House

Hampton, US-VA, USA

Fantastic! Delicious

"I ordered meals for my sister, mom, ad myself as a birthday gift and a time saver. We were traveling into town and did not have much time to prepare meals. I ordered the pescatarian meals for all of us, and that was a great choice! Our mom loved it and told her friends. She does not cook often and loved the grab and go healthy and flavorful options. I did not grab any pictures but everything looked amazing."

Shauna Shauna

West Lafayette, US-IN, USA