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Start Healthy Eating for a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating is about making positive changes, concentrating on food that provides essential nutrients to maintain a healthy body, and preventing illnesses and chronic diet-related diseases. Here are some basic important tips to consider while starting diet options.

More Veggies

• Add 2 servings of veggie salads and sprouts every day

• Incorporate green food 3 times a week.

• Lessen the potato, sweet potato, jam, and jack fruit seeds

• Before each meal, eat salads, particularly the raw vegetables

• Lessen rice intake and fruits during dinner

Add Fruits Every day

• Add at least 3 servings of fresh fruits to your everyday diet

• Consider having a bowl of fresh-cut fruits before eating in between meals

• Choose whole fruits over fruit juices

Drink Milk

• Drink low-fat milk than whole milk

• Limit other milk products including butter, cheese, and paneer

Lean is Good

• Choose white meat over red meat